About Us

Possibly the most expensive item of clothing you will ever own and, ironically, the least worn – wedding dresses get all the glory and none of the hard yards, instead burning a big hole in the nuptial budget. Why not opt for a designer gown that’s already been down the aisle, but for a fraction of the cost?

After forking out a small fortune on my own wedding gown, I didn’t want it to face the same sad fate as so many other wedding dresses – thrown in a box never to be seen again. While spending many hours online searching for a way to trade in my prized possession I realised what was lacking was a bridal service that offered off-the-rack high-end designer gowns and a curated selection of one-off vintage dresses – all in one beautiful location. In addition, I strongly believe that in today’s fast-paced, over-consumed digital world brides are longing for that memorable and personable shopping experience like no other. 

It was then that The Barefaced Bride was born. Created by Melanie Bowman, The Barefaced Bride is a specialised consignment store located in the small beach-side suburb of Kurnell, in Southern Sydney. Our unique boutique primarily offers off-the-rack designer gowns (think lots of samples, some preloved) and authentic vintage dresses. We also have a made-to-order collection from some coveted Australian bridal designers, in addition to stocking a bespoke range of designer bridal accessories and veils.

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of choice with the greatest value and discounts for the modern bride. We understand that no two bride is the same, and thus our exclusive curated collection is ever-evolving. Whether it’s a wedding gown from a top bridal designers’ current collection or a carefully curated vintage dress that holds a unique story that our brides give new life to, we strive to give our bride the option to take home a dress that speaks to them.

Whether you’re on a short timeframe, is someone who is ethically eco-minded and conscious about waste or simply wanting an amazing gown on a specific price point, we are your one-stop shop for the modern bride.

Showcasing all of our gowns in our beautiful studio takes the stress out of searching online for your wedding dress while saving you time and money. It also means recent brides can rest easy while they recoup some of the cash spent on their big day.

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