The Christmas holiday period was quite different for us a family this year. While we still enjoyed some downtime, most of our days (when I say our, I mean my husband’s) was spent at the shop. Jackhammering, drilling, sawing, digging, sanding, painting – you name it! And with two young children it often meant one parent working in the shop, while the other endured work of a different kind (the challenging motherly type). We’re very blessed to have both our parents either close-by to help with babysitting or willing to travel and help by getting their hands dirty with hard work. So on that note, here’s a recap of the next big reno stage…


Our next massive undertaking was removing the old brick windows on the side of the building and replacing with new glass sliding doors to create separate access and entries for each business. This involved sawing through double brick walls to create a doorway and then installing them – one for Aisle of Eden and the other for the back room to be leased out. The photos speak for themselves on what was quite a massive achievement in such a short timeframe. Husbands doin’ it for themselves!


The dreaded painting stage. At first so therapeutic, yet after spending days on end with a paint roller in the 38 degree summer heat it gets old pretty darn quick. Big thanks to my little bro Sturt for his efforts on helping us get the bridal shop knocked out as quickly as we did.


Next up was tackling the floors. Oh my! Back on demo day, armed with shovels and picks we had all succeeded in chipping away approx 90 square metres of old tiles that lay firmly on top of the concrete slabs. What a back-breaking job that was! Just ask my brother or Lauren’s husband Dan, whose hands were still covered in blisters days after. Here’s a shot of what the floor looked like after the tiles were removed – an ugly uneven surface covered in 30-year-old glue. Fun times!

We decided that the quickest and most cost effective option would be to grind the concrete floors. That way we’d achieve a flatter smoother surface which could be finished off with clear sealer. We were quite pleased with the end result.
Note: before and after pics of the grinded floor below, which are still yet to be sealed – so stay tuned for the final finished look.


Seriously. Is there anything my handy husband cannot do? Next up, a timber window display stage. And knocked up in a weekend mind you. Can’t wait to start decorating this window with all of the pretties!

Next post will be final stages of the fit-out, including installing our bridal racks, change room and updating the shop frontage and window.

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